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Streamshare Digital Marketing Has A Track Record Of Recovering Website Rankings

  • If You Have Been Hit By Google's Panda, Penguin or Fred Algorithm Updates And Your Site Is Nowhere To Be Found.  WE CAN FIX IT!
  • We Can Track When Your Penalty Occurred, Determine What Caused It And Recover Your Site...

We Have Been Ranking And Recovering Websites Since 2009. We Know What Google Wants...

Have You Had A Dodgy SEO Company Come Along And Promise You The World And Then Tanked Your Site?

These companies are often "old school" in fact "very old school".   The tactics they use to get your site ranked will often work for a while and then Google catches up with them and your site disappears off the front page.  

I am guessing they have used some of these strategies

  • Built thousands of links to your website
  • Keyword stuffed your web pages 
  • Linked from other websites that are totally irrelevant to your industry
  • Created a mass of location pages on your website that all have the exact same content (duplicate content)

What's done is done, now you need to get your site cleaned up 

"There Is Hope! We Can Rescue Your Site"


You need to start today, it can take time to recover your rankings, so get started immediately

Streamshare Digital Marketing Can Help You By:

Finding Out What Has Gone Wrong...

We can trace your drop in the rankings and determine which Google penalty your website has received. It is only by knowing what the exact penalty is that will enable us to  fix your webwsite

Implementing The Correct Strategies...

As soon as we know which penalties your site has received we can get to work with our bag of tools and get the site cleaned up. You get our years of knowledge and experience 

Getting Your Site Ranked Again...

Because we are a highly skilled SEO Company you not only get your site cleaned up but by default you can even improve your original online rankings.  Google rewards a great site...

Streamshare Digital Marketing Can Rescue Your Website And Get It Ranked Again Whether You Are In The Brisbane, National Or Global Market Place...

You Woke Up One Morning And The Sales Had Dried Up...

You used to have great rankings for your website, it showed up everywhere in the search engines, and you were receiving lots of traffic that was generating emails, phone calls, leads, and sales.

Then something happened, you’re not quite sure what, and the leads and sales had just stopped.

You check your analytics reports and see a sudden and distinct loss in traffic. Now you’re alarmed. You check your rankings, and they’ve gone down or disappeared entirely. Now you’re not just alarmed, you’re terrified.  You have bills to pay and no new customers...

How could this have happened? More importantly, what can be done to fix the problem and get the leads and sales flowing again?

It’s not the end of the world, however you do need to start looking for causes and solutions right away. Rankings losses mean either;

  • Google penalised your site
  • Your site has technical issues that lead to the ranking drop

Thousands of PhDs are employed at Google working to improve their search algorithm. The algorithm is updated hundreds of times each year, with some of those updates being large and disruptive, while most are minor in impact.

 The point is, when Google makes an update, it changes rankings negatively for the websites that aren’t in compliance.

Whatever the cause you need to take action today. Waiting could potentially worsen the problem

Matt Cutts From Google On Panda Penalties

We Understand What Happened And Why

"We Have Been Rescuing Sites For Years"

Google Algorithms were designed to give the searcher quality results for their queries.

In the past, Google ran algorthim updates irregularly which meant that if your site was penalised it could take years to get it back. Today, these algorithms run everyday, and that means ranking losses and recovery can be a lot quicker than ever before.

What Is Panda?
The Panda Algorithm was originally introduced in 2011 and prevents sites with poor quality content from rising to the top of Google.

What Is Penguin?
Penguin targets sites with poor quality, “black hat” and "spammy" backlinks. If you’ve used a dodgy SEO company in the past you may have been penalised by this algorithm.

What Is Hummingbird?
Unlike penalty based updates such as Panda and penguin, Hummingbird was a change in the way Google reacts to different types of queries.  This lets the search engine now get the actual meaning behind a query, rather than the separate words in it.

Hummingbird was introduced to better deal with conversational queries, considering the growing number of mobile search users and voice searchers.

What Is Or Who Is Fred?
Introduced in March 2017, Fred has confused the SEO community around the world. It more than likely was a tightening of Google’s previous algorithms and targets sites heavy in advertising, poor content and link spam. A Google employee in a “throw away” line suggested all algorithm updates will be known as “Fred”

Ultimately, for us, it doesn’t matter what penalty your site has suffered you want to rescue your rankings and traffic as fast as possible and that’s what we can provide.


Your Business Depends On It

What Does Google Want?

It Takes An Expert To Know...

Keeping up with the changes that Google makes to their algorithm is hard work. Major algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda target completely different things and it takes hours of study and research each week so that the websites under our control maintain their page one rankings now and into the future.

The knowledge we gain enables us to see why a website has lost its rankings. Many factors contribute to a loss of rankings. Some of these are;

  • toxic backlinks
  • anchor text percentages
  • duplicate content
  • poor or thin content
  • user experience
  • website errors
  • and many more…

Not many SEO businesses have been around since 2009.  Streamshare Digital Marketing is one of the few.  We know what we are doing 



Every Minute You Delay You Are Loosing Money

To Salvage Your Business We Need To Get Started Today...

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We Will Review Your Website And Discuss How Best To Solve Your Problem.

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Who Is Streamshare Digital Marketing?

Streamshare Digital Marketing  is an Australian company run by Andrew and Trish Riedel.  We started our digital marketing  business in 2009.  Our lead generation websites rank number one.  We have a large, loyal customer base because we make our clients money.

What do we offer that other online marketing companies can’t?

  • Personalised Service – you will be dealing with the owners not some account manager
  • We Understand Your Business – we’ve been in business for 30 years, so we understand what it takes to run a successful business and we strive to understand what you do, how you do it and what results you want
  • Rescuing Websites Is Part Of Our Everyday Life.  We get lots of businesses come to us to get their rankings back 
  • We Are Aussies And Focus On Helping Australian Businesses. We don’t take your money and outsource all the work to India. We have a small team of web developers and link builders that we personally trained who’ve been with us for years and carry out work for your business under our instruction.
  • We Don't Take On Everyone. If we believe we can't help you, we will tell you. Also if we believe you shouldn't be helped we won't. We won't take on scam artists, crooks and shysters!!

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Did I Receive A Manual Penalty?


You deserve to get your website ranked and the phone to ring again!  The faster you contact us the faster we can get your Google presence cleaned up.
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