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  • Does The First Page Of Google Show Results That Stop Potential Customers From Picking Up The Phone?
  • Is This Costing You Thousands?
  • We Can Push Those Negative Comments Off The First Page Where They Can't Be Found

Are You A Brisbane Business With A Bottom Line Affected By Negative Search Results?

Sadly, anyone can write anything on the web these days whether its true or not!  

All businesses are open to negative comments by:

  • Ex-Employees
  • Ex-Partners
  • Competitors and
  • Those customers where some minor thing went wrong and they blew it out of all proportion and now their life's work is to trash your business.

You can't stop this from happening but you can manage it!

"You Can't Afford To Let These People Win"


You need to start today, it can take time to move those negative results, get started immediatley

Streamshare Digital Marketing Can Help You To:

Earn Your Customers Trust

Online business is all about trust.  Before we buy from an unknown company we jump onto Google and search for any bad comments. The moment we find a negative comment we are gone...

Grow Your Business Again

Negative comments on Google will instantly affect your business growth.  Why else would you be looking at this page.  You have to clean up your reputation before your company can expand. 

Improve Your Google Rankings

Because we are a highly skilled SEO Company you not only get your reputation cleaned up but by default you can even improve your online rankings.  Google doesn't like companies with bad comments

Why Use Streamshare Digitial Marketing To Manage Your Online Reputation...

More Bang For Your Buck

"We Can Stop The Problem Before It Snowballs."

If potential customers are finding negative reviews, scam comments and the like when they search for your company name, this will be having an effect on your bottom line already. To turn this around and get back into the black you need an effective reputation management strategy and that's what we can provide.

Losing the trust or respect of your customers has no clear dollar sign. There's no accurate way to judge the extent of the harm it causes to your business and your wallet, but you can rest assured that it's significant. Furthermore, if there's one person who thinks you have a bad reputation, then there's always going to be several more as well.

Clean Up That Irrelevant Content...

The bad thing about negative content online is that it never seems to really go away. This is even worse if that particular page is high up in the search engine rankings. You can't simply take the site down. Online reputation management is the only realistic option for removing or downplaying negative content that is ranking high and hurting your reputation.

Ideally, you want negative stories to spend as little time as possible at the top of the rankings. When negative stories rank high within your niche, they will continue to harm your reputation as long as they remain there. Smart SEO content management can actually help downplay the negative content by outranking it with more positive, relevant and updated information.

Online Word-Of-Mouth

With A Positive Tone

Word-of-mouth can spread insanely fast online. It only takes a few seconds for a person to share their thoughts or experiences with thousands of other people. Those people may even share it again with more and more people. Information will continue to circulate for as long as there's someone who is taking interest in it.

Don't take a chance that there's something negative passing through those social circles with online reputation management can ensure people have something good to say. Passing positive information through the right networks can quickly bolster a company's reputation.

Of course, it's not as easy as just telling a few people on Facebook that you run an awesome company. It takes precise targeting of social networks and finding a subtle way to pass along the message. When in the right hands, digital word-of-mouth can quickly turn around a company's reputation



Every Minute You Delay You Are Loosing Money

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Who Is Streamshare Digital Marketing?

Streamshare Digital Marketing  is an Australian company run by Andrew and Trish Riedel.  We started our digital marketing  business in 2009.  Our lead generation websites rank number one.  We have a large, loyal customer base because we make our clients money.

What do we offer that other online marketing companies can’t?

  • Personalised Service – you will be dealing with the owners not some account manager
  • We Understand Your Business – we’ve been in business for 30 years, so we understand what it takes to run a successful business and we strive to understand what you do, how you do it and what results you want
  • We Are Aussies And Focus On Helping Australian Businesses. We don’t take your money and outsource all the work to India. We have a small team of web developers and link builders that we personally trained who’ve been with us for years and carry out work for your business under our instruction.
  • We Don't Take On Everyone. If we believe we can't help you, we will tell you. Also if we believe you shouldn't be helped we won't. We won't take on scam artists, crooks and shysters!!

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You deserve a clean reputation!  The faster you contact us the faster we can get your Google presence cleaned up.
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